“Barnabas” Antique Iron Rim Lock




Making repairs or updating your gate is usually a simple task. Replacing rusty gate Hasp, broken gate latches and gate handles can easily be done with just a screwdriver. You can also choose a complete gate kit with matching hardware available for our online store . 

For added security, add a fence gate latch lock to go along with the gate latch. Gate springs function as a gate closer to shut gates automatically. 

If you have fencing on your property, be it wood, vinyl or metal, chances are that you also have a gate or two along that fence. Our gate parts and hardware to help you keep your gates secure and operating smoothly.

Choosing the Right Gate Hardware Accessories

Our hardware is easy to self install. We are gate hardware suppliers of latches that are available in various finish and size. Double door gates can be secured with double gate latches and outdoor gate locks to prevent unwanted entry and keep children and pets safely inside.

Our collection includes latches, hasp and staple and etc. We understand your safety and security issues therefore manufacture best suited gate hardware. Keeping your gates in good working order isn’t only a safety measure for your family. our store gate hardware online to find the parts you need to keep your gates working efficiently.